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Every day, a house is burgled. Newspapers are filled with articles citing the cause of the break-in, the losses faced and more. Despite reading about such instances on a daily basis, if you ignore your home security, then it’s likely that you’ll land up in one of the news stories yourself. Crime rates are on an all-time high, criminals are getting smarter and it’s all down to us to take proactive measures against them. One of the ways you can ramp up the security level of your property is through a house lock change.

Why change locks?

Most criminals gain entry through unsecure doors or windows. You might have locks installed on all the entry points, but that still doesn’t put you in the safe zone. The locks may work great, but do you think they’ll hold up against today’s security threats? New locks are designed to be tamper-proof and can instantly magnify your security level. Besides the security aspect, you can experience greater functionality, enhanced features and ease of operation with a house lock change.

You should change locks when:

  •  Folcroft Locksmith Service Folcroft, PA 610-226-2132Your locking systems are damaged/inefficient
  • The model has long gone obsolete
  • Physical damage
  • There’s been a tenant change
  • You require greater security levels
  • Parts are unavailable in the market to repair/rekey

Get the best locks installed :

With an umpteen number of options available for a house lock change ,  you might not be in a position to make an informed decision on the right lock for your property. Folcroft Locksmith Service can help you there! We don’t just follow the norm and recommend locks that everyone else seems to be buying but go into the specifics and suggest solutions that are more in sync with your requirements. We’ve teamed up with the best manufacturers and provide only the finest-grade products. Right from the simplest window locks to breakproof high-security locks, we’ve got it all in our inventory.

Convenient, quick, onsite service

You don’t have to visit us, for we’ll visit your location and provide the necessary services onsite. We’ve got mobile vans stocked with an assortment of locks and other locksmithing tools to enable our technicians to complete the house lock change procedure in super quick time. We don’t have to double back to our workshop to fetch a lock/tool – and finish the job in a single session – thus, saving you valuable time.

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